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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Vidblogs” has plenty of vloggers or video bloggers that can be found in their directory listing. If you checked out any vlogger sites before, my guess is you might be able to find a few additions to view at Vidlogs directory or you could consider adding your own vlog. The listing is not enormous but there are quite a few to look through. I recommend a high speed internet connection when vlogging or viewing vlogs. It is an alternative for those looking for something a bit different then text or audio based blogs. My feeling is this will become very popular as an alternative media. As technology progresses with faster connection speeds, better compression algorithms and even lower priced video capturing devices; vlogging will almost definitely become an even greater influence in media on the net. I figure vlogging will maintain as a niche for a while. I give 7.5 stars. There really is almost endless growth potential for vlogs and sites like this one on the internet. Imagine video dairies, news shows, commentaries, comedy and so much more that could actually rival television and other older media outlets. Vidlogs links to a couple other locations that you can find a few additional vlogs, such as Onetrick.net and Filmfights.com.

7.5 stars

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