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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Stand By Your Statue

Stand By Your Statue” is a silly little meme that can be fun and have some educational value when you read about the different statues that individuals stand by. This blogger states that “I travel around the world and stand by statues, and I've got some of my friends in on the act too...” It’s a new blog and there are a couple of months of archives. There are individuals standing by a statue and many of the people mimic their choice statue in these pictures. There seems to be a steady flow of new entries. It is a quick and easy blog to browse through with a blogger standard template. It’s a charming concept. There may not be a whole lot of serious content involved, however, I think silliness and fun has an indisputable home as one the many cogs of the blogosphere. I’m sure the people involved and a few others will enjoy the images along with the dialog. I give 7 stars. In my opinion a darker or lighter background might give the pictures a more standout quality and appearance, since they are a dominant subject of this blog.

7 stars

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