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Monday, January 03, 2005

Once a Week / Add Blogs Here

Added edit 1-16-2005

Instead of posting every week what I've done is add the permalink to this post on the main page and you can add blogs and blogging services here.


What I’ve decided to do is once a week, I will add a post for folks to post the blogs that they would like me to review and look at. I make no promises to write on any of them. I will look at them and if I’m compelled to write about the blog I will. However, please don’t feel bad or insulted if I don’t write on them! It doesn’t mean that the blog you suggested isn’t a great blog, good blog, compelling blog, etc. It just means I didn’t choose that one to write about for what ever reason.

I figured there wasn’t an easy organized way to add blogs at BlogCruiser right now and will try this. I’m getting requests in different posts, blogs, emails, etc. and this seemed like an easy way to centralize these requests. Other visitors will have the opportunity to view your suggestions this way too.

So, this is the Add Blogs Here post for this week and you can add them to the comments of this particular post/blog. Yes, you can add your own blogs to these comments. I would like to limit them each week with 1 to 3 suggestions from each person. This way this doesn't become anyone's personal blogrolling section.

Thank you and if anyone thinks of a better way to set this up feel free to post that suggestion.

These are blogs and there are no real rules. If you’re happy with your own blog then that is all that is truly important. If you are following some rules of thumb with design, GUI, content, themes and programming that is fine too but the rules can always be broken especially if it works when the rules are broken!

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At 04 January, 2005, Blogger Lucas Brachish said...

I'd appreciate it if you took a look at my blog for consideration... if you have the time.


thank you!

At 04 January, 2005, Blogger Mattithyahu said...

Care to check out my blog?

Random Acts of Verbage...And yes, I know it is spelled wrong, it is intentional :)

At 04 January, 2005, Blogger Toni said...

I need the advertising, so it'd be great if you would check out my site. Thanks.

At 04 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you'd care to review this one:


I'd be very glad. It's not mine, it's not even on blog explosion. But it IS brilliant.

At least I thought so ;)


At 04 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This guy is hilarious, pretty offensive though

At 04 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're in the mood for some poetry, how about taking a look at my blog?

The url is http://blogs.mit.edu/poetry.

Or if you need financial assistance for college, my other blog is:


Thanks for the consideration!

At 05 January, 2005, Blogger Gursartaj said...

you can find my blog at
theres another one

At 05 January, 2005, Blogger Greg Stephens said...

Eat your PlaystationNew Zealand Political Comments

At 06 January, 2005, Blogger Toni said...

Might I submit my blog for your perusal? I don't have a topic theme, perse but I often talk about cultural and societal issues I encounter and observe, especially when I lived in Japan for a year and a half.

At 07 January, 2005, Blogger easywriter said...

Hello to the crew at BlogCruiser: I would like you to visit me at www.writersblog-easywriter.blogspot.com and review Writer's Blog.

Thanks and your BlogCruiser is off to a great start!


At 12 January, 2005, Blogger Brian Patton said...



At 13 January, 2005, Blogger Monkey said...

feel free to review www.dirtymonkeys.net

At 13 January, 2005, Blogger Kamigoroshi said...

Well...no doubt about it though.


Hit it hard and fair...:)

At 13 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Protein Wisdom, baby! (My favorite blog--not mine, unfortunately...)


At 13 January, 2005, Blogger Beth said...

Topic Drift at http://topicdrift.blogspot.com/

"Esther" is unbelievably funny!

At 13 January, 2005, Blogger Dave said...

You are welcome to visit my site.


At 13 January, 2005, Blogger Spork said...

Feel Free to check out my boring little blog:


At 13 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out www.ihatemycubicle.com and freestuff.ihatemycubicle.com!


At 13 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about my site, Xott.net?

At 14 January, 2005, Blogger not4me said...

Hi I have two. I don't expect you to read them both but they are two very different blogs:

www.americaninjapan.blogspot.com topic doesn't fall far from the title, and

www.preparations.blogspot.com which isn't as big but it goes into my obsession with dying and I enjoy posting in it once in a while. Thanks!

At 15 January, 2005, Blogger Grins said...

Glad I found your site, I've added it so I can return. Mine is at http://grinsnlaughter.blogspot.com

At 15 January, 2005, Blogger girlfiend said...


At 15 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17 January, 2005, Blogger D.L said...

Check out my site!

At 18 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 20 January, 2005, Blogger K. Sapper said...

I would love it if you took my blog into consideration. Thank you very much, Lakati Sapo

Lemon Yellow

At 20 January, 2005, Blogger K. Sapper said...

I'd be delighted if you'd consider my blog... thanks!


At 23 January, 2005, Blogger queenesther said...

please include my blog, "Kudzu, Mon Amour"--

At 27 January, 2005, Blogger vern said...

verns blog

At 30 January, 2005, Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

My Blogs from Canada will do well in your political column put me in the Left. Defintely not for the faint heart conservative.

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"We don't report the news ma'am we WRITE the news." Willam Burroughs
"What's up doc?" Bugs Buny
"The ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class." Dr. Karl Marx

At 31 January, 2005, Blogger msl@tryontheglasses.com said...

OK, not quite a blog, but it's linked to my blog http://www.tryontheglasses.com and lots of others.
Please consider reviewing our new political debate forum
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At 02 February, 2005, Blogger Joe said...

This is my first blog/page I ever made. Yes I know it needs a little work. I'm still learning. You are welcome to comment.Thanks...Joe... http://massmarketing.blogspot.com/

At 05 February, 2005, Blogger tim boucher said...

i have a blog. here it is


At 06 February, 2005, Blogger BMan said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Here's a few blogs for you...

http://www.thearmchairgeek.com - collection of reviews, articles, etc. on various technical areas

http://bendyflexytoys.blogspot.com - humor and such

http://www.webpagehostinginfo.com - info, articles and resources

Thanks again for the post about theblogoftheday.com!!!

At 08 February, 2005, Blogger Jehza said...

Notes on the Revival

At 08 February, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what can I do?

At 08 February, 2005, Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

When you have some spare time, please check out my blog for reveiw :)


At 08 February, 2005, Blogger Golf Grouch said...

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At 08 February, 2005, Blogger Golf Grouch said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 09 February, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice concept you have in here.


At 09 February, 2005, Blogger Tisha from Texas said...

I'd be honored if you'd review my blog.

At 11 February, 2005, Blogger Funky Fresh Freddie said...



At 11 February, 2005, Anonymous Pearl said...

I like the idea of BlogCruiser. With so many dormant or dead blogs it can be hard to surf, especially outside of blogspot. The Long Tail works too.

I invite you to see if Humanyms turns your crank. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light, not confessional but irregularly regular as cool wind.

At 13 February, 2005, Blogger Valderbar said...

How would you like to review my mewsings. You do do feline don't you? http://catnipnaps.blogspot.com/

At 14 February, 2005, Blogger ticklebug said...

Feel free to check mine out if you have the time.


At 16 February, 2005, Blogger The Rubbish Blogger said...

For a bit of originality check out Rubbish Films at www.rubbishfilms.com. Still in the early stages but watch out for the next review shortly.

At 01 March, 2005, Blogger Metro said...

I love your design- very tight and easy to follow. Flattery never hurts. I maintain a blog for writers. Advice on writing better, getting published, blah blah blah. Check it out. It's catching on pretty fast.

At 01 March, 2005, Blogger Metro said...

I love your design- very tight and easy to follow. Flattery never hurts. I maintain a blog for writers. Advice on writing better, getting published, blah blah blah. Check it out. It's catching on pretty fast.

At 04 March, 2005, Anonymous paul said...

Just started our company's blog at http://www.minimus.biz/blog.html. I thought it might be of interest for you to review...

At 21 March, 2005, Anonymous Nichole said...

If you ever have the time, I'd love some feedback on my blog and I'd be honored to know what you think.

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Thanks :)

At 02 April, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate it if you reviewed my blog


thank you!

At 03 April, 2005, Blogger Scriptor said...

I am creating something called the History Bloggers' Guild. It is like a group of blogs about history. The descriptions should be in the archives for March or February. Please tell what you think about it. My site is http://historium.blogspot.com


At 07 April, 2005, Blogger Neets said...

I loved your blog.I have a suggestion for you. See, you have buttons on the left that expand(ex:+/-Blogtools)...its expands to show this hugh list of tools. What I would suggest is ,for you to add a tool tip on mouse-over event that gives a short descn of the tool (perhaps using JavaScript). :). My blog is no way near to being as good as yours .You are most welcome to drop in whenever you wish. :) Keep Bloggin and rollin !

At 09 April, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...


I think that is a great idea. It will be a lot of work but it could work well. I may give this one an attempt in the near future. Thanks...

At 14 April, 2005, Blogger PaintingChef said...

I would like to submit my blog for your consideration. It's fairly new but I've been really enjoying writing it.


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At 24 April, 2005, Anonymous richard said...

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At 25 April, 2005, Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said...

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At 26 April, 2005, Blogger Talking Tina said...

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At 27 April, 2005, Anonymous the daily phosdex said...

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At 30 April, 2005, Blogger TheSeer said...

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At 02 May, 2005, Blogger The Modern Guy said...

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At 03 May, 2005, Anonymous Casey said...

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At 03 May, 2005, Blogger Guppyman said...

Why not.....

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At 08 May, 2005, Blogger Shirazi said...

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At 09 May, 2005, Blogger dorna! said...

Whadya think?


At 09 May, 2005, Blogger disco-very said...

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At 12 May, 2005, Blogger Tara Tainton said...

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At 15 May, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 02 June, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 02 June, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

No problem Tim I enjoy the posts on the one and games at the the other!

At 03 June, 2005, Blogger Last Lament said...

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what da ya reckon?

At 03 June, 2005, Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

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At 04 June, 2005, Blogger Jen said...


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At 19 August, 2005, Blogger akv0459 said...

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