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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Prochein Amy

Prochein Amy” is a life, sports, recipe, humor and advice blog all rolled up in one for a pleasant and enjoyable blog visit. There is a lot of material to read at this blog from recipes, football, funny, blogger’s life, favorite blogs, technical, challenges and plain fun. Amy just hosted the “Carnival of Recipes” this past week, which looks quite interesting. A very nice initiative is the “blog basics” tutorial put together for new bloggers and available for all to view. Once you read most of the “blog basics” there are media links about blogs and links of other sites with similar basic blogging info for you to learn even more. This blogger has put a lot of time into their blog and added a lot of useful information especially for new bloggers. I give it 8 stars. It is a very interesting and fun blog to cruise.

8 stars

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