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Friday, December 31, 2004

Oklahoma Wine News

Oklahoma Wine News” is a very unique and pro-active blog for and about wineries in Oklahoma. A vast amount of information can be found about marketing, health care, new laws and bills that may affect the industry and much more. It’s a very interesting resource for people that are in the industry and especially in Oklahoma. However, it is not just for those in the state or in the business. There is a list of wineries and all types of events announced at this blog. I really like how this blogger has narrowed down the focus of this blog and made it a potent resource for many people. Wineries in this state and out can gain valuable information and ideas from the material provided. There are some great innovative uses and ideas focused on a particular industry by this blogger that assist in making it a great blog to visit. I give it 8.5 stars. There is no real fancy graphics or design but the content makes this blog very informative. This blog seems to be like a newsletter portion of the website itself which does have some nice design and graphics. I get a real feel of a positive community or town hall type blog.

8.5 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 12/31/2004


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