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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Roll Call / New Blogger Comment System

I figured I would leave a post that people can comment to by calling it a roll call. Just say hello or hi if your passing through, if you have the time and don't mind, thanks.

I'm going to give the new blogger popup reply system a try too and you can give your yay or nay opinion on that...I'm not sure if I like it or not yet...

Added edit: I'm taking the popup message system off for now. Feel free to still give your opinion though.

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At 16 February, 2005, Blogger Night said...

Well, a short hello there.
Good job in introducing good blogs.
About a popup system, the popup blocker for IE where i'm commenting from at the moment leavges me a choice of either reload all page to allow comenting or open the "Leave your comment" box in a new window manually, which i am doing now. I would use any way to comment if i really want to, but if i want it, but not too much, i would, if the blog uses good old way of commenting, and wouldn't, if i have to have troubles with those popups. Everyone has a blcoker these days, and firefox automatically blocks popups, you can't set a filter for each blog with a popup comment system...
Anyway, that was my opinion.
Good luck in your good work,
DeathBringer [Night].

At 16 February, 2005, Blogger oiuhewgiuohng said...

Hi! :P

I use a pop up blocker but I also know how to easily get around it (CTRL click). :)

At 16 February, 2005, Blogger Constance said...

Happy Wednessday!
As a blogger amateur, I can't contribute much in the expertise department. I get some helpful clues and directs from here, though. Thanks!

At 16 February, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't mind popup comment blocks half as much as I mind popup ads. How many times a day does one have to run their Ad-Aware SE and Spybot, anyhow? Like I'll ever purchase something from a person who infects me with spyware...


At 16 February, 2005, Blogger Michael K. Willis said...

Howdy:-) I was just passing through via BE (though I've come to your site often on my own and I quite like it.)

At 16 February, 2005, Anonymous uao said...

Present and accounted for.

I've been keeping tabs on your blog through the exchanges; at the moment I'm viewing over BlogAzoo.

Keep at it; your analysis is good, and it's a worthy topic.

At 17 February, 2005, Anonymous Kim said...

I've really enjoyed your blog. It's a daily read for me! Keep up the great work!

At 27 February, 2005, Blogger Is It Just Me? said...

Stopped by and saying "Hi"! Great concept you've got here.

At 01 October, 2005, Blogger Mandy said...

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