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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Daily Blog

The Daily Blog” with some peculiar and curious humor might get you to grin, smile or giggle. There’s also a few constructive technical tips spread about this fairly new blog that started in January. A recent post “Searching for Entertainment” adds a flavor of this bloggers persona along with some tips and suggestions for defending your computer on the internet. The blog design and graphics make it appear a bit like a flyer or newsletter. Tony seems to enjoy pointing out some cute, funny and even off the beaten trail type links and information. His “Warning - This is highly addictive” blog entry brings you to one of those online, almost no reason games, that has you wondering if the creator has too much time on their hands. Of course I had to try batting the penguin around my self for a bit. If you want to read a bit of an unusual disclaimer then click on the one The Daily Blog is linked to. Another individual feature is “the blog of the month award” with a graphic that you can display at your blog if you win. I don’t think any winners have been announced at this point. However, all you have to do is send your blog in and you might be the first. I might give it a try myself. I give 8 stars. There are a few to many graphic ads for my taste but at least they are at the bottom of the sidebar and blog.

8 stars

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