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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ask Dave Taylor!

Ask Dave Taylor!” if you have any technical questions that have you stumped, then visit this blog. If you can’t find it at this blog then send Dave the question. You may just find your question with the answer added to the scores of questions and answers already there. I enjoyed the casual and brightly designed appearance of this blog. It was fast loading. There is a site search along with a category section making navigation straightforward and simple to use. Several recent questions and answers can explain to you how to secure your wireless network, how does that spam come to me without my email address and how to make FireFox even faster. These few recent posts I’ve mentioned don’t do justice to the actual variety of thought provoking material provided. The answers are concise and precise. I give 9.5 stars. You can subscribe via email or RSS and there is also a section to request how you can add some of the questions & answers on your own blog or website.

9.5 stars

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