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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sports Blogs

Sports Blogs” is a blog that blogs about sports and has a huge list of other sports blogs in a categorized format. Several categories are available to view blogs by teams, sport, random or all. Blogs can be suggested for adding with a submission form in the left column. There is a featured sports blog listing with excerpts in the third column. Excerpts are combined at this blog from other blogs that are crawled on an hourly basis, according to the about section. Several other domain names are part of this same blog and connected via top menu links: baseballblogs.org, hockeyblogs.org, footballblogs.org and basketballblogs.org. Professional USA sports are mainly what are currently available with the largest linkage and coverage on baseball blogs. Here is a list of the current sub-categories I found under “By Sports”: MLB - Major League Baseball (657), NFL - National Football League (138), NBA - National Basketball Association (134), NHL - National Hockey League (69), GOL - Golf (11), TEN - Tennis(0), NCAAB - Ncaa Basketball(0), NCAAF - Ncaa Football(0), MLS - Major League Soccer (1), SOC - World Soccer (1) and Non-specific sport (was a bunch in there but number not listed). I give 8.5 stars. The pages look a bit plain and busy at the same time, with a four column page design. However, there is a lot there and it looks like someone does a group of work keeping this blog all together. An abundance of sports news, information and blogs can be found at the “Sports Blogs”.

8.5 stars

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