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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Wikimedia” is the parent organization of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia and parent of many other wiki projects. A few of the projects are Wikinews, Wiktionary and Wikiquote and Wikibooks. This is not exactly a blog but has many qualities of a team blog and has been around for a couple of years now. A free encyclopedia, dictionary, news and more that’s edited and produced by the general public for the general publics use, free of charge. Wikipedia is sort of like open source for programming or items that go into public domain status but this is for basic information like encyclopedias, dictionaries, news and a lot more. This is an awe-inspiring project. I give 10 stars. There are many issues that need resolving. However, I think this concept and project has enormous potential for producing fantastic results. If you enjoy writing as many bloggers do; why not consider trying a few articles that can be added to Wikipedia? They are always looking for good material, editors and assistance with this project.

10 stars

Ok, enough of my plug for this one and back to the blogs where I belong…

ADDED Edit 2/24/2005

These blogs point out information involving Wiki worth a read: The Aardvark Speaks, Lockjaw's Lair. I think it is important to cross-reference and cross-check any facts in any media or publishing. These other blogs bring up good points that you should look a little bit harder when it can be edited real time and by the general public like in Wiki. I agree you should never use only one source to confirm important facts or information. I still think Wiki is a an excellent idea and source with plenty of great material and potential to be a better resource then most. However, would I trust any publishing, media or documentatioon alone with out cross-checking many sources? No, I wouldn't and don't think it is a good idea for others either.

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