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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Map Room

The Map Room” is a niche blog on the topic of maps. The blog is about finding all types of map collections from satellites and topographical to Tolkien and historical. Several current posts include discussions concerning Google Maps, aerial maps, mapping your property and a map thief. If you enjoy information about maps you’re bound to find something new and interesting. If you’re looking for something specific, there is a possibility of finding it among the many posts. A monthly archive and category archive section are available to browse with a couple of years of information accumulated. There are many category topics ranging from railroads, satellite & aerial, astronomy, roads, cities, tools, exhibitions and more. The links, comments and posts accumulated could be handy to the average blogger or even a GIS professional. The blogger doesn’t claim to be an expert and if you have basic questions you’re asked to search the archives or call a local map store. However, if you have a legitimate hard question this blogger will post it and ask the readers to take a crack at it and see if they can come up with an answer. I give 8.5 stars.

8.5 stars

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