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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Generator Blog

The Generator Blog” is all about show and tell of different software generators on the internet. This blog has barely been around for a couple months now and already has a large list of links to generators with information on what each one does. These generators can be fun, funny and even useful. Now, there is no reason to go searching all over thanks to this bloggers on-going collection. Some of the generator listings include an AIEEE Acronym generator, Business Proposal generator, Candy Heart Graphic generator and a Name Meaning generator. This blogger called Presurfer presents the material in an amusing and enjoyable manner. Presurfer has at least two other blogs Unusual Churches and The Presurfer. The Presurfer blog subtitle or logo is “Your daily dose of diversion”, which is a character that all three blogs contain and provide. The Generator Blog is a standard blogger template and it is very easy to navigate and provides plenty of content. I give 8 stars. The blog is a delightful diversion and definitely worth a visit if you enjoy using generators.

8 stars

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