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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Google Blogoscoped

"Google Blogoscoped" is filled with funny, interesting, strange and even sad information, all packaged nice and neatly in this blog. I like the style and creativeness of the blogger. The design seems simple, clean and easy to read. The blogger himself may be a bit of a google groupie but he has put together what I think is a creative, fun and interesting blog to read. Several of the posts and stories may be considered odd and strange news too some. There is a lot of information about google. There are some interesting links, posts along with cartoons and answers about google or googling. I had plenty of laughs at this blog too. I recommend reading the “Page Rank 100 Incident”, if you have a few minutes. If you want to be really googlified, then you probably have to make at least one visit to this blog. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of material when you first stop in at this blog but there is plenty and a forum to join in on too. I will give it 8.5 stars. It is another blog worth a browse through in my opinion.

8.5 stars

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At 02 December, 2004, Blogger Philipp said...

Thanks for the review.


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