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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Madeleine Begun Kane

Here is a blog with great personality, flashy in its own style/design and some nice writing skills that made me laugh and enjoy myself while I was there. Lot’s of satire and humor at this blog called “Madeleine Begun Kane”. Some of what you will find there is political humor, haiku, legal humor, notables, computer humor and lot’s of other content at this blog. I liked the blog a lot and I liked the writing and humor. The blog/site is mostly text based with only a few graphics and with very little to almost no real advertising items.. The blog has won a couple of notable awards that are displayed. Once again it appears this author has their own domain which gives you some real pluses for adding your own blogging packages to extra tools and more freedom of design. A fun site to visit in my opinion. This blogger is a national award winning humorist and quite well published if you take a look at the about page there are more details. I waited on going to this page until after I took a good look around. I want to be careful and not over rate blogs but I will have to give this one a 9 stars.

9 stars

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At 28 November, 2004, Blogger Jon Langdon said...

just a BE visitor saying hi.

--Jon Langdon

At 03 December, 2004, Blogger Busy Mom said...

I saw that one the other day, it is kinda funny!


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