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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lockjaw's Lair

Lockjaw's Lair” there appears to be plenty of politics, news, and some rants and ramblings here at this blog but I like the content and design. The blogger states at the top of the blog that “content is more important then layout.” I tend to agree with that statement. However, I tend to like the three column newsletter style content management systems like the one used here and in many CMS like phpnuke and others. I think the layout looks fine. This blog also has a signup and login system for comments. I didn’t actually sign-up yet but I think I may as soon as I have a chance to get involved in a few of the posts. Some good content here along with some humor. There are some interesting links along with a couple ads and buttons on the site. I would say it is more of a political blog then just general chat forum. I will give 8 stars for content and design.

8 stars

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