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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Mommy Says

"Mommy Says" is another mom blog really well done. The graphics, layout, design and colors are just splendid here in my opinion. The content is a lot like a life diary of her and her kids along with many different happenings. It's easy to read and this blogger has been going for a while with archives all the way back to 2002. Some very nice catagorizing of links and posts can even be looked at via categorizing. Very little on commercial links. There are several links to other favorite places and more. This blogger has really done and excellent job in my opinion. I will give this blog a 9.5 stars on my 10 star scale. This person appears to have their own domain for this blog, which does give you greater latitude in building a blog with different features and controls you want. This doesn't make this site any less of a good blog.

9.5 stars

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