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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Blurt It!

Blurt It!” is not really a blog but a simple promotional page for blogs, sites or any other page you want to promote. It is a set of sites, blogs and other pages that rotate through a small list of sites once and then you fall off that list and have to go back if you want to get added again. It is very simple for the visitor and I’m sure it gets a couple people to look at your blog. They keep a good little set of rules at the site, for adding blogs. The chance of running into some other good blogs seems fair. They also have a link to report any blogs/sites that maybe abusing the rules. When you add yours you have to visit 3 others to actually go on the list yourself. It’s painless to do and you get to see a couple blogs you might like. I rate it 7 stars. It’s only a one page promotional tool, no more or less. It is simple, fast and painless to use.

7 stars

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At 07 December, 2004, Blogger Jim said...

I like BlurtIt, mainly because it is so simple to use.


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