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Saturday, December 04, 2004

It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is” is a self proclaimed conservative blog, hosted by Zeke. There is a lot of content and information available. Many of the posts are news related with some personal opinions and experiences. It can definitely keep you busy for hours and a recent post to this blog shows a steady growth and quite a few visitors. There are a lot of links, images, a photo album and more. I don’t favor the current color scheme. I consider the design over all a little cluttered and confusing. I tend to do this myself with my design on a lot of pages. Looks like this blogger has moved from blogspot over to typepad or he may be using both. I consider myself more progressive and liberal then conservative so maybe I’m a little unfair to this one without realizing it (I hope not though). This blogger has done a pretty nice job there. I will rate this blog 6.5 stars.

6.5 stars

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At 16 December, 2004, Blogger Zeke said...

Wow. I must be sucking hind tit to a warthog in a mud puddle. 6.5 that's it? If I ever meet you I'll flush your tooth brush. (big grin)

At 16 December, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I debated between me, myself and I, and almost took away the star ratings when I started doing this! I knew they could get me in trouble:) Don't feel to bad though, one they

are my opinion. Two I do invite others to add their honest opinions and ratings. Of course, I ask that they are done in respectful way and not just attacking others opinions or blogs but give their opinion in an honest and hopefully useful way. I would say my blog rating at BE is close to your rating here. My intention of a 6.5 is not meant to say it's bad either but that the blog has some interesting potential. As someone asked me earlier am I stingy? I think I can be at times with my star ratings:) If someone thinks a blog deserves more or less in a rating, then I hope that others take the time to add their opinions why and what they like or dislike and give their rating.

I think constructive opinions like that could be a benefit to everyone.

Time will only tell and thanks for stopping in and posting.

After I get a few more blogs posted, I will add my own blog and of course I have some bias no matter what I do with that one. It will give everyone a shot at saying what they would like about this blog too:) I figure it will give anyone who may want revenge that opportunity and at the same time I might get some good ideas from others out here:)

I am glad that you stopped in a posted! thanks...


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