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Saturday, December 04, 2004

You Don't Agree

If you do not agree with my rating or opinions on a blog feel free to write one of your own and post it. All I ask is please don't attack another persons opinion. Keep it to what you like, dislike and why. We all have different ideas of what is good and what's not and there is nothing wrong with stating these thoughts and ideas. If you want to remain anonymous that is fine too. I will delete any that I feel are personal attacks! Thanks...

If your interested in joining and becoming a team member of this blog and writing your own opinions or reviews as a team member of the blog rather then just posting in the replies section let me know at NaderNowATgmailDOTcom and I will consider adding you as a team member to this blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog is found to be useful and fun. Feel free to add suggestions or ideas to this post for this blog too.

I've enjoyed the results from BlogExplosion so far. It really works. As many would say traffic isn't everything and that is true. I visit blogs and they visit back. However, the quality of the people joining the system is what makes it work in my opinion. Hopefully, people that really want to be blogging keep joining, cruising and posting in blogs that interest them. Look at my referrers near the bottom right of this page they can bring the numbers and if you have something worth showing off users at BE seem to notice and appreciate it. Hopefully, it stays this way!!! :)

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At 10 December, 2004, Blogger Hope said...

Hello, popping in via a comment you posted about BE, which I have found to be a great outfit. All my traffic (such as it is) comes via BE.

Your comments at the other site (which sent me an email telling me you had posted something there) were interesting and well worth reading.



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