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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles

The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles” The blogger here states “I’m weird, I accept that”. I figure the spacemonkey blogger is and isn’t just depends on the readers point of view. There is a lot of satire with in many of the posts and I find them entertaining. The posts seem like honest, fun feelings and opinions. There is plenty to read here if you enjoy the authors work. The theme of the blog is rather consistent in design and layout. I’m not sure I like the double-spacing appearance for reading the main content and posts. I do like the way this spacing sets the post off from the blogroll, archives, profile, categories and many other sections this blogger has built. I really like the ring of this blog title. I figure the title gives you a good feel of what you’re in for during your visit. It appears a lot of effort has been put into the blog. My rating is 7.5 stars for this blog. It’s worth a visit.

7.5 stars

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At 04 December, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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