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Saturday, May 07, 2005

BlogCruiser Free-for-All Spotlight

I’m going to try and do this every Saturday. So, if I forget please remind me by sending an email or shout. I will add the post on Sunday. Thanks…

It’s rather simple you comment with the:

Blog Title:
Blog URL:
Excerpt from the blog:
Any additional comments:

The next day I will highlight them as a post. This can be of your own blog or another blog that you find or found quite interesting, fun or you just think deserves a look at.

Well here is your moment to spotlight those blogs that you think I’ve missed at BlogCruiser and I know there are plenty out there worth spotlighting!

I call it a Free-for-All Spotlight but I do retain the right not to publish it on this blog, if I so choose.

blogged by Anonymous @ 5/07/2005


At 07 May, 2005, Blogger Valderbar said...

I like the idea of the feature. Sort of like http://www.stevex.org/longtail/ but by selection. You notify the people you select?

At 07 May, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

Everyone that adds the requested information will be posted next day. I will only notify the people I decide I will not show. Example: of this that I did one time at these two posts.



At 07 May, 2005, Blogger Valderbar said...

I see now. Thanks.

At 08 May, 2005, Blogger Janette said...

I spent all day playing in your links (really). You have some great resources listed and I enjoyed your site. Thanks.


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