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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lewies Blogs

Lewies Blogs” has a persona that runs in some what the traditional sense of a journal or dairy online. This is a blog about me, Lewie states. It is a journal that covers happenings, ideas, movies, work, repairs, suggestions, programming, friends, romance and lots more. Bits and pieces about his life with lots of energy and spirit create the tone for this blog. He shares and uses a lot of appealing tips and tricks. His “Net Gravatars - early beta” post, back in March was one of the first times I took a look at the Gravatar site. He has done some pretty cool linking using the Gravatar system too. He has a nice fast and smooth template or skin changer at his blog in place. It is a very helpful, friendly and cordial atmosphere. I give 8.5 stars. The blog has a lot of individual expression and by no means is it your standard blogger template.

8.5 stars

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At 03 May, 2005, Blogger Constance said...

I agree. I've added Lewies Blogs to my favorites to study. Thanks!

At 07 May, 2005, Blogger Lewis E. Moten III said...

I've come to this place every now and then. I didn't expect to see my own blog up here. Wow! Thanks for the great review.


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