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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Aardvark Speaks

The Aardvark Speaks” is filled with an assortment of commentary by this long time blogger. Horst Prillinger with lots of satire and humor commentary turns many mundane moments into some inspiring reading material. Some recent bloggings are “How to lose blog readers - 2 more ways” (sharing some insight), “Weather forecasts” (reminding us of reliability) and “Printer woes” (assisting with understanding the marketing behind printer cartridges which is to buy a new printer each time they go bad or empty). There is always the current Aardvark blogging manifesto to read, that may or may not assist your comprehension and understanding of this blog, which can be found via the about section. I give 9 stars. There is plenty of current material and years of archives filled with twists, turns and fun material to browse through.

9 stars

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