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Monday, May 02, 2005

Showcase Carnival is Here

This week I have the pleasure of hosting the Showcase Carnival. I humbly request that all visitors to BlogCruiser please take a few minutes to visit and read some of the new blogs in the Showcase and leave at least one comment at the new blog during that visit. The idea is to assist these new blogs in getting some exposure. THANK YOU very much. Below all the new blogs listed you can find out how to submit, host and where the Showcase will be next. Don't worry if you missed adding your new blog to this weeks Showcase Melinama is next weeks host and you can have yours added over there!

Let the Showcase begin...

Added edits: If you don't mind when you leave a comment at one of the new blogs let them know the Showcase sent you.

For my new posts this week you have to browse past the Showcase. I will keep the Carnival as the top post at BlogCruiser for the entire week.

I will try to come up with a new game, meme or what ever each day for the rest of the week that may assist sending more visitors to the blogs in the showcase. Remember Browse below the Showcase of New blogs to see each days new Carnival Games & Prizes.

CORRECTION: to the Health Business Blog. I did a poor edit and placed the wrong excerpt that did not belong to this blog. My sincere apologies and please resubmit for next week, I'm pretty sure there will be no problem with that. Sorry again David.

MommaK at Petroville presents Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day

Excerpt of the Post:
Holiday extended through today)
You didn't know you had a Fairy Blog Mother? Of course you do. You may have more than one. You very well may even have a male Fairy Blog Mother. Your Fairy Blog Mothers are those people who first inspired you to begin a blog of your own. Since today is Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day (yes, I checked the calendar), I'd like to tell you a little about the ladies that pulled me into this wonderful world of blogging with their lovely words.

I have three:...


Himavanth at Extreme Soft Stuff presents Clever design gives AMD edge over Intel

Excerpt of the Post:
When Advanced Micro Devices created the Opteron, the Sunnyvale company devised some clever designs that caught rival Intel by surprise, analysts say.

Intel's Itanium chip focused on 64-bit performance, crunching data in chunks that were twice the size of those processed by standard 32-bit microprocessors. But the Itanium was incompatible with 32-bit software.

AMD, on the other hand, designed the Opteron to run 32-bit software at high speeds while being capable of handling 64-bit software...

Extreme Soft Stuff

Ochemma at The Rough girl's guide to sex, men and marriage presents
Forget tantric, the secret to great sex..

Excerpt of the Post:
My lover is away and has been now for three days. With our respective complications, no other partners, just our child arrangements we haven't been able to see each other for almost a week, yet, I am so turned on, I just can't wait to see him again tomorrow...

The Rough girl's guide to sex, men and marriage

richard dows at The English Guy presents The English Guy

An english web designer living in Florida, his work musings, life, music, politics, hobbies, you name it I'll talk about it.

The English Guy

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents Joseph Ratzinger/Lute Olsen Named New Pope:

Excerpt of the Post:
The historic selection on Tuesday of the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church was temporarily obscured by widespread disagreement as to the pontiff's true identity. Three highly respected "bloggers", had conflicting reports on the subject...

The Nose On Your Face

David Williams at The Health Business Blog presents Lessons for asthma drug makers in the COX-2 fiasco:

Excerpt of the Post:
A new NIH study, published in today's New England Journal of Medicine suggests that patients with mild asthma don't need to take inhaled steroids daily. They can do just as well by taking their medications only when they have flare-ups, and avoid possible complications from chronic use.

The Health business blog

Colleen at Loose Leaf: Notes From a Writer's Journal presents The Blog Files
Excerpt of the Post:
As a foster care provider for the past 8 years, and a person who has done some basic family genealogy research, I understand the importance of good documentation, and I consider my blog to be another form of it...

Loose Leaf: Notes From a Writer's Journal

Gun-Toting Liberal at A Gun-Toting Liberal presents Why the death penalty SUCKS

Excerpt of the Post:
"Two wrongs don't make a right", so when people kill people, we will in turn kill them because, while it was ILLEGAL for THEM to kill people, it is LEGAL for US to kill THEM because they killed people."...

A Gun-Toting Liberal

dave mcawesome at Maximum Awesome presents I ran for pope

Excerpt of the Post:
Behold! The McAwesome Pope-mobile 5000. If I am named Pope, my friends, I'm gonna be praying in style...

Maximum Awesome

DeAnn at Woman of Many Faces presents A Disco Queen in Redneck Land

Excerpt of the Post:
It was the late 1970's and Disco was all the rage. Everyone was going to the discotheques and dancing with K.C. and the Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees, and Earth Wind and Fire...

Woman of Many Faces

The next scheduled Showcase host will be on May 2-9 at Melinama. You can submit your new blogs HERE. Head over to the Showcase itself if you would like to find out more about submitting or hosting the carnival!

NOTE to new bloggers that submitted this week: If you find any mistakes I've made or you made that you would like changed please send an email to nadernow@gmail.com and I will fix them as soon as I can. I tried to be precise with the submissions but I've been working 80 plus hours a week for the last 2 weeks and won't say I'm in top-notch posting performance.

The post date of this post is obviously not correct. I'm hoping that will keep this post in the top position for the week.

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At 28 April, 2005, Blogger Natsthename said...

Thanks for crusing by my blog today!

I'm going to check yours out now!

At 29 April, 2005, Blogger Twist of Kate said...

Hi, came by way of Michele...very interesting blog you have here! I says this post is from 5/2...May there already huh? :)

At 29 April, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

lol, the May 2 post was just an easy way to keep the carnival as the top post for the week I was hosting...

Thanks for stopping in!

At 30 April, 2005, Blogger Erin said...

i'm kinda confused about your page, so i'll be here a while, but it sounds interesting...
michele sent me and i'm glad she did, cause you have a cool idea!!!

At 30 April, 2005, Blogger Dawn Falcone said...

Hi. Thanks for the nice comment on my site!
What a cool idea you have here. Keep up the good work!!

At 30 April, 2005, Blogger Cara said...

Hello Michele sent me! You have a great blogsite going on here. Don't mind me while I poke around a bit more!

At 30 April, 2005, Anonymous Sol said...

Thank you for coming by my blog. I stopped at someone's blog for your carnival thing, but got distracted and forgot who. Hope you have a good weekend.. erm.. what's left of it anyway.

At 01 May, 2005, Blogger panthergirl said...

Interesting! Came here via Michele's M&G... happy to see that I already read many of the blogs you're showcasing.

Going to poke around a bit more, ok? ;)

At 01 May, 2005, Blogger J&J'sMom said...

Hi...here via Michele and a participant in next weeks carnival..hope I do it justice! thnaks!

At 02 May, 2005, Blogger MommaK said...

Thanks so much for hosting this. I've seen a lot of traffic due to your carnival. You are indeed a gracious host:-)

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