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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Photo Friday

Photo Friday” is a fun and challenging activity where individuals post creative images at their blogs and sites which fit a suggested theme of the week. You post an image at your blog and add the link or permalink to the list at Photo Friday anytime during the week. If you enjoy looking at other people’s ideas and images or want to show some of your own imagery off this is an entertaining option. You don’t have to post the image on Friday for those like myself that may procrastinate. Photo Friday has been an enjoyable and quite popular meme on the internet for a while. The requirements and how it all works can be found at the “about” and “participate” sidebar section of Photo Friday. It would be nice if you could add the images at this site. However, I can understand where that could run into all kinds of difficulties like sizing, cost, bandwidth and explanations for the owner of this site to deal with. I give 9 stars.

9 stars

This week's Photo Friday challenge: 'Ghostly'.
Here is my entry for this week: Ghosts in the Park


Added edits and notes: I liked using the link viewer for cruising the images. Photo Friday can add some traffic to your site or blog. If your visiting via Photo Friday please feel free to add your thoughts or comments about Photo Friday.

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