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Sunday, February 20, 2005

New Media Musings

New Media Musings” covers a great deal with several dozen categories listed as topics. JD Lasica covers an abundance of material that is relevant and interesting in relation to bloggers, media, politics, and new media. He is a writer, journalist and consultant with a strong presence in online media and open media. He has several recent journal entries I found interesting such as, “Senate bill extends rights to bloggers”, “Fired Google blogger reflects, moves on” and “Judges ponder: Are bloggers journalists?” Some are pointers to other articles and others are his own musings. There are a quite a few sponsors and ads you have to scroll past in the sidebar before you get to the topics, archives and blogroll. There is plenty of inspiring material to read on blogging, media, political and technological fronts. I give 7.5 stars. There are some interesting topics and writing at this blog to include more then I’ve mentioned such as sports, books, ethics and hoaxes..

7.5 stars

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