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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

Dynamic Einstein picture is good for a moment of fun over at the Hetemeel.com: Dynamic images which I stumbled on over at The Blog of Daniel Sale.

MindValley promotes the Blinklist, “We have developed a fun new tool for bloggers to get their blog posts noticed and to help you drive more traffic to your blog!”.

Ades Blog points out an appealing way to find out where your visitors are coming from with gVisit.com. Gvisit points out another nice script called Feed2JS.

Referer.org will add one of those referrers lists to your blog for free if you want one.

Here are the blog listings over at the dailyluxe.

The Blog gives a link to find out your blogs worth. I have a pretty low valued blog at $0.00 with this pointer. That made me sad:(

Daniel's Random Thoughts requests some tips on the subliminal for a class project.

Successful Blog presents some thoughtful ideas on blogging and bloggers.

Internet Anonymity May Not Be What It Seems” published over at the “The Daily Campus” is some food for thought and being cautious.

The “Blog Blog” has some news, opinions and more on the blogosphere.

The Missing Amendment has lots of unique news on your privacy and what may be going on with those rights or privileges. (It may not really be a blog but interesting anyway.)

You can rate your life with this life quiz.

Now just head over and carve your pumkin up, found this one over at BlogsNow.

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At 29 October, 2005, Blogger ME Strauss said...

Hey Blog Cruiser,
Thanks for noticing.
If you get a chance, come join the conversation.
Successful Blog


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