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Friday, October 21, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

The Road Ahead
Pheedo Tests Multi-Channel Ads
Super 'Firefox' previewed
Opera allows blogging on the run for free
My blog took me to Switzerland
New Blogware Spans Simple to Sublime
Blogs in the classroom
Blackberry Users Learning Painful Lesson
Liberal Blogosphere on George Bush & His Band of Crooked Cronies
Lunch at Michael's: What The Blogger Saw
Finland: Over 170 000 Blogs and the Big Media Starts Blogging
Through MITBlogs, Undergrads Connect to Future Class of ’10
'French Cooking' blogger is coming to town
My Beautiful Career
Your Opinions Online
Lifes Little Annoyances
Blogs in the library
Shiny Media launches 2 new blogs
Young ultranationalists take to blogging
Target pharmacists allowed to deny contraceptives to women
Quote of the day: Splog 'emergency'
Blogging Hurricane Wilma
Liners: C-listers are the coolest writers
I don't trust your attention
Is the Blogosphere Really Better?
From Katrina to Pakistan
Enterprise Blogging Catches On
More On McDonald's Intranet Blogs
PDC Bloggers
Robin Good's Latest News
TechWhack News
Ask Jeeves Results -Blogging News
CORANTE ON BLOGGING: In media res (some history posts)

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