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Thursday, September 01, 2005

emotional rant 2

The politicians and government have failed miserably! A call for help to the American public was all that was needed to supplement the problems. Yes this was a catastrophic natural disaster! I understand there are many difficulties. However the failure to respond in a timely manner with the proper equipment and supplies is multiplying this by 100 times. I’m sorry to all those in need but I would compare this to terrorists taking over a plane and all the people saying don’t do anything the authorities will take care of this. Guess what 10,000 feet in the air there are no authorities or not enough many times. I don’t blame all the people for the current situation but the policies and bureaucracy. I can guess that the answer has been don’t let civilians in the area, it will only cause more panic. Wrong answer if you need additional manpower and equipment quickly! This is a resource that was always available and time is a matter of life and death. You call upon the American people and they will be there still. It is later then it should have been but there is still time to call upon them and you keep trained people in charge of them. Don’t say stay home send money at this point of the crisis. Ask the people and companies to spare what ever they can in time, people and resources and manage this. It’s time to break the norm, red tape, grandstanding and bureaucracy and save what’s left of these people’s lives. Chaos is breaking out because we did not respond in a timely fashion to this event. It’s called survival. Will some of our leadership stop worrying about correct speeches and take control of this situation please! There is a time for political correctness and there is a time for the correct actions! Please do the right thing.

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