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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Can I Do?

Read the suggestions in this post, “A Note to My Fellow Bloggers and the MSM” by Paul over at Wizbang and I’m sure the amount of caring people in the blogosphere can make these and many more happen!

What ideas or actions are you moving forward with? Let us all know, so that we might be able to assist or contribute. I know I’m feeling fairly helpless right now and need to get over that and find something I can do.

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At 31 August, 2005, Blogger ella m. said...

I'm trying to get another De Lurking day started (similar to those that were made for the tsunami victims), with a donation made to a hurricane relief charity for each comment made on participating sites that day (shooting for the date to be 9/03/05).

We'd all share some traffic and discover new blogs while helping a really good cause.

Anyone interested in participating , feel free to hop over to my page (http://www.ellamichelle.blogspot.com) and let me know.


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