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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Call To Action!

I’m going to do some scouring, and see what little I may be able to do. This is a horrible situation and going to get MUCH WORSE for a lot of people. It can get MUCH BETTER if everyone pulls together and shows caring, kindness, sacrifice and true leadership. The aftermath, actions and little things are what will truly count in the long run! If you know of links, information or have any ideas that will help assist our fellow citizens with this calamitous event, PLEASE promote them and take the action you can, THANKS.

Think about this hundreds of thousands if not millions of people affected. Losing everything they own, losing family members and friends, no where to go, fear abounding over rational thought, no clean water, no food, no electric. Where do you think the sewage is going? What do you think is going through these peoples minds? Fear and panic will cause more terror and there is enough to deal with already. They need to see food arriving, rescues and sound thought, places to go to the bathroom, clean up, so illness and disease along with other problems don’t add to the already catastrophic disaster. Money, non-profits and politicians can not fix this alone they need everyone’s help! These people need to see help, now! They need to know we care in every way possible!

A Note to My Fellow Bloggers and the MSM
American Red Cross - Credit Card Contribution
The American National Red Cross
The Salvation Army National Headquarters
How you can help victims of Hurricane Katrina
Charity Navigator - How You Can Help The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions to share?
Has anyone seen a blog or site for finding victims like in the tsunami catastrophe?

I still can’t even imagine what so many people are going through right now! What can we do? What should we be doing?

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