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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Links

I wish I could do more then hope and pray for these people at this time! Here are a few links I found to start. Please feel free to add any comments, information, links and blogs of interest or use.

My words would be get out now!!! Don't stay for this hurricane if at all possible!

My Hurricane Tips
Hurricane Katrina -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
New Orleans Braces for Powerful Katrina
Miles O'Brien's hurricane blog
Blogs Pose Liability Issues for Employers
Reason on the Radar
Walker's World ***BLOGGING KATRINA***
National Weather Service
Katrina could inundate New Orleans
Bloggers Run From Hurricane Katrina
If you are thinking of just staying read this old WizBang Post: Pray This is a scary post so don't read it if you get upset easily.

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