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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blogging Bits and Bytes

The Technorati Tags are quite useful, fairly easy to use and becoming popular as mentioned in this post, “State of the Blogosphere, August 2005 Part 3: Tags and Tagging”, by Dave Sifry. You can find out more about David and Technorati at Sifry's Alerts, such as the announcement that Technorati and Newsweek are working together. Technorati Tag explanations can be found at this link. The tags are compliant with W3C according to some posters at SlashDot. Then there are the frustrations and rhetoric about poor Technorati performance around the blogosphere. Well only time, performance, usage and marketing will tell how all this works out.

Are there other ways to search for blogs, excerpts, information and links? Of course there are and the race continues to see who will come up with and provide the most useful set of tools for the blogosphere. A nice page with some good descriptions of RSS Search Engines can be found at SearchEngineWatch. Then there is an additional meta search engine called Clusty that warranted these articles: "Metasearch The Blogosphere With Clusty", and "Reducing Information Overkill".

Whew, there is just so much going on it’s difficult to keep up with, especially, if you blink and my goodness don’t disappear for a couple weeks like I did or your head may start spinning when you try to play catch up. So Time Europe Magazine suggests “Let RSS Go Fetch”. Tools like these certainly can help but I’m starting to wonder if a few clones and some additional brain processing memory chips wouldn’t be of some benefit too. Well it’s time to move forward and figure out what tools will assist me in producing more timely, accurate, interesting and fun results in my future information gatherings.

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