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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Philosophical Question of the Day (PQD)

The Philosophical Question of the Day (PQD)” is easy to read, nicely designed with a large archive. It offers everybody the opportunity to post their opinions. There appears to be plenty of people that post their comments and replies to these questions. Here are a couple of the questions to comment on with your thoughts: “Should schools teach religious explanations for creation in addition to Darwin's theory of evolution?”, “Would you eat this hamburger if you knew it was grown in a petri dish? What if you didn't know?” and “Is selling your body for sex morally reprehensible? If so, why? Should governments continue to criminalize prostitution?”. This blog can be a place to express your thoughts or browse other people’s ideas on an assortment of questions. It doesn’t appear that a question is placed there everyday but there are quite a few to post to or browse through. There is also a notify list that you can signup for. I give 8 stars. This is a nicely presented and interesting blog.

8 stars

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