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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

emotional rant

There seems to be too much bureaucracy and red tape here. We don’t have enough boats? We need generators? Just send money? The government and non-profits will provide? Well they are not. I know there are a lot of good people in politics and especially in the nonprofits that do wonderful things and are doing wonderful things right now! However, when you’re making people stay inside a dome that 15,000 people have been going to the bathroom in with no toilets for 2 days maybe you should let them go outside and get some fresh air for their health at least! Maybe, we could call for any citizens that could provide boats to bring them and help with the effort. My guess is you would have thousands there in hours! Thousands of boats could pull a whole lot of people in from the water and off the roofs. Ok, their not trained but the job will get done! Again, don’t just call for money so it has to go through 100’s of political channels. Make a call to communities around the country to get generators and water there now. They will come fast and now! Get rid of the red tape people are going to die at our hands if we don’t! This is a time for action not words of how many years it will take to rebuild. If we were doing the things that need done now maybe there wouldn’t be so many people taken things because they feel abandoned!

Forget the rules folks and take care of the emergency here first. It is actually pretty simple. Let the people know where they need to be and what they need to bring and my guess is they will be there. We need real, honest and true leadership here and now.

Ask for help and you just might get it!

Added edits:
I know you want to prevent chaos but these people aren't stealing anything in most cases that wasn't written off as trashed, going to be condemed by the city or added to an insurance claim. If we were getting these people out of this situation, they wouldn't be doing this! What is ironic is if we could we would be given them the shirts off our backs to help them but since there is no help that they can see they are helping themselves. I'm not there and I don't know all the difficulties faced but I do know when I need help then I need to ask and there is a good chance the neighbors will provide, especially in a situation like this. The government needs to utilize these resources and do it quickly. How about aircraft cranes moving some of the mass trash that is already in the city to the breachs and then pouring sand on the hardfill? Just ideas...

Added items:

Speed is of essential need for many reasons here not just for the sake of suffering and death but weather reality. It still is hurricane season and the busier part of that season. Many years these storms tend to follow similar paths because of the water temperatures etc. If another storm comes in we don’t have weeks or months to get these people to safety!

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