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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Weblogger's Day

The 2nd Annual International Weblogger's Day was at number 11 when I checked tonight over at BlogsNow. I think I will head over to the list InWeDay page and start visiting a bunch of the blogs to see some of what was said today.

Added items below:

Found this tag from Blogs That Flickr and added it (Thanks):

HAPPY Weblogger's Day to all of you!!!

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At 14 June, 2005, Blogger amber said...

Thanks for stopping by. I was hoping other bloggers would find the tag useful.

I have never been to your site, but it seems like a great resource for bloggers, I will bookmark you for sure!


At 14 June, 2005, Anonymous TheMadAdmin said...

Cool resources and site.


At 14 June, 2005, Blogger MommaK said...

Thanks for the visit today :-)

At 14 June, 2005, Blogger GreekGoddess said...

Happy Webloggers Day to you !!

At 15 June, 2005, Blogger soxfan said...

Thanks, and Happy Weblogger's Day to you!


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