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Friday, June 10, 2005

Blogging Bits&Bytes

The Mad Tech contemplates the ACLU shredding.

“It's day five - the final day - of Call a Blogger You've Never Met!”
+1 (813) 843-4978
over at orange haired boy.

Lynkifing Lyrics looked like fun that I spotted over at Prochein Amy.

I found a good tidbit of info over at Bitchitude today, “FREE ADMISSION DAY at ANY of the nationwide Six Flags Theme Parks on Thursday, June 23rd.”

Here are s couple answers and links about video blogging.

A slight variance emerges in blogumentaries: Blogumentary ( ), Blogumentary ( ), Blogumentary (), Blogumentary ( ). As the Blogumentary Turns.

Off to visit the Dead Guy cartoon. Dedd has an interesting “DISCLAIMER: This is the blogtoon of Ignatius Dedd. These cartoons are often offensive, angry, crude, scatological, and "politically incorrect" (whatever that means). They are intended to offend. Mr. Dedd takes no responsibility for any hurt feelings, whether they are from right wing nuts (or left wing nuts), religious wackos, prudes, the overweight, or just plain stupid people. If you don't like poop humor, please don't continue reading. If you don't like jokes about the pope, this is not the site for you. If you don't like cartoons about the pope which also feature poop, well...you get the idea. Oh, by the way, we think Bush kinda sucks.

Kate's Ramblings and Wanderings had some real out of the ordinary facts about pizza delivery.

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