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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Corporate Crap and Other Dubious Wisdom

Corporate Crap and Other Dubious Wisdom” has plenty of opinions, views and experiences posted for all to ponder. In the about section Doyle states; “now I’ve decided that maybe my experience could actually help someone else to avoid the same mistakes I’ve made over the years. So, I’ve decided to return to school for my advanced degree with my goal being to teach.” Whether you agree or disagree with this blogger’s opinion, he has added some interesting posts about corporations, work, humor, friends and ideals. He let’s people know up front that there is some adult language included in the blog, which I considered especially courteous and professional. A recently posted meme on June 3rd is thought provoking, potent and at the same time a tool for stress relief. “I AM MAD AS HELL ABOUT THE WAY THINGS ARE AND I’M JUST NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!! “, from an old movie starts the theme of this meme and every one is invited to join in. I give 8 stars. I was going to include my own "NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!!" list to this post but decided to post it in a separate post; it was getting to long and needs some more editing.

8 stars

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At 10 June, 2005, Anonymous D Brooks said...

Just stopped by to thank you for the rating Russ :) I hope you will visit often.



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