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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Adding Spotlights

There are so many fantastic blogs to visit! I couldn’t dream of being able or even capable of covering a majority of them as the blogdom breeds prolifically. Even if I worked fulltime and overtime great blogs would produce faster then I can visit or key. I can plug away one at a time, having fun with it and do my small part of making sense of it all. So if anyone else is interested in adding spotlights on blogs, bloggers and blogging here at BlogCruiser feel free to contact me.

There is no system to the ratings and spotlighting. It is what you think of a selected blog and then what you write about it to inform others of your opinion. The theme that would be there is to positively spotlight fun, useful and rich resources. When using criticism be constructive, if and when there are negatives about your spotlighted blog, blogger or blogging. There are plenty of places that point out all the faults and problems of a blog and that’s not really what this blog is about.

Thanks, this is not a good bye for me. I’m just looking to improve upon and add to the variety that is here. I have all sorts of ideas and projects in the works that I would still like to try out with this blog.

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