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Friday, June 10, 2005

Spyware Warrior

Spyware Warrior” covers many aspects of the spyware invasion. The archives go all the way back to 2003 when many people didn’t even realize they were being spied on. If you are tired of spyware, want to defend against it or just want to know more then it might be worth browsing a bit of this blog. It is filled with information like a list of rouge spyware programs, a list of good programs to protect systems, legal issues and pointers to other links with similar goals. Utilize the information provided here to find out early and prevent getting hit with hijackers, malware, data-miners and all those other nuisances known as spyware. I give 9 stars. Knowing how to protect against spyware has become vital and a lot of excellent material is gathered as a useful resource in this blog/website.

9 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 6/10/2005


At 10 June, 2005, Blogger PresentStorm said...

Hiy a...Hopped over from Michele's place to say hey :)

At 10 June, 2005, Anonymous janey said...

You've got an interesting blog here. I"ll be back after Michele's party.


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