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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Scavenger Hunt Memes

Scavenger Hunt Memes” is a meme blog for adding your finds of other interesting blogs and sites about the 3 subjects presented bi-weekly by this blogger. I guess articles, posts and images of the subjects will be good too. I like the idea and it seems like it could be enjoyable, interesting and even drive traffic to your own and other interesting blogs and sites. I’ve run into a few problems with this blog meme though. I’m not sure if you have to add the button. I would hope you can play with out adding the button and having the option to add it if you want too. I’ve been trying to get a hold of the blogger for several questions but have had little success, up to this point. There seems to be very little activity at the blog but the meme theme and subjects have been added for a long time in the archive section. I give 5.5 stars. I would probably give a higher rating if I were able to get a reply or saw more activity. Maybe I'm missing something and there is more activity but I couldn't find it. I think it has potential of being a fun meme. I’m even going to give it a shot myself with in this post. I will use the subjects from January 13, 2005 since I don’t see a more recent post.

My Finds and Picks for Scavenger Hunt Memes:

Snowflake - your most unique representation of an unusual "Snowflake site."
Welcome to Robert's Snow- http://www.robertssnow.com/

Grey - your most unique representation of an unusual "Grey site."
99 shades of grey - http://www.99shadesofgrey.com/

Cold - your most unique representation of an unusual "Cold site."
Wedding Cake Toppers - http://www.jwcaketops.com/wedfigurines/uniquehumorous/uniquehumorouscover.htm

Give this meme a try your self. I’m sure with all the imagination out here that folks can come up with some really unique sites for all of us to visit. Well now over there to add my permalink post of this one at Scavenger Hunt Memes.

5.5 stars

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