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Sunday, January 16, 2005

How fast is page loading?

If you can leave a note letting me know how fast the page loaded. I want to make sure that any new graphics or scripts are not slowing the page down for visitors to much! Thank you.

approximates are fine: 2 seconds, 5 seconds etc. Also if you can mention what type connection you have: high speed, dialup etc. Thanks again.

blogged by Anonymous @ 1/16/2005


At 16 January, 2005, Blogger Greg Stephens said...

3 seconds on a 256 DSL modem from the other side of the planet (New Zealand).
If there was anything with the graphic it is this- colour, can it be made so that Orange is the first colour?

At 16 January, 2005, Blogger mulligan said...

I have a high-speed cable connection. Your page was loaded in less than 2 seconds from Florida.

BTW, the black background makes it hard to read some of your blog.

Oh, and Michele sent me.

At 16 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks and if you go to the right column you can change the background color of the page with a mouse over of any of the colors there.

At 16 January, 2005, Blogger Steve said...

40 minutes.

33mhz, 386 with 2 megs of ram. Dialed in from Iceland with 2400 baud US Robotics modem. I think my wife picked up the phone, I got disconnected a few times!

At 16 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I like to see people with a better system then mine. My commodore 128 with a 300 baud modem still does better then my Tandy 1000. :) However, your cruising for sure with the 33mhz and 2400.

At 16 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 seconds with DSL connection. Not too bad at all.

At 17 January, 2005, Blogger Rantz said...

7 seconds using DSL (just checked speed and is 182.75Kbps at the present).

At 17 January, 2005, Blogger Grins said...

About 3-4 seconds on a DSL, and some of what is loading appears to be below the scroll line so it doesn't really delay viewing the page.

At 17 January, 2005, Blogger Kamigoroshi said...

A viewable page can be seen in 4 seconds on the 2Mbps T1 line (distributed throughout the company with a proxy server).

Page still continues to load but doesn't affect viewability.

At 17 January, 2005, Blogger Sarah said...

I am on high speed broadband and it loaded within 2 seconds

At 17 January, 2005, Blogger Aldon Hynes said...

On a broadband connection from an old computer using Firefox, and loading as a frame in BlogClicker, it loaded almost instanteously.

As a side comment, my website appears to load very quickly when I access it with Firefox, but with Internet Explorer, it often takes a long time.

At 20 January, 2005, Blogger Omar de Fati said...

Load time less than 1 second. I'm using IE and cable modem.


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