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Sunday, January 16, 2005


Quick NOTES: As this blog grows I will most likely add categories, change design a bit, hopefully improve the GUI and add additional features. Blogs and websites are always under construction and changing this blog isn’t going to be any different. Eventually, I will probably have to go with my own domain and move off blogger. There are just to many things that I would like to do that are much more difficult and time consuming or not able to do at all using the blogger.com service, such as creating categories, running scripts and applications. Blogger is a great service provided please don’t take me wrong. I just like to have more freedom to do what I want and more flexibility on how I apply changes etc. at a blog or site. This seems like the best way to go in the future. It will not be anytime real soon. I will see how this blog develops first and move on from there making sure I give everyone notice of what I’m doing. Thanks for visiting and off I go to cruise some more blogs… :)

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