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Monday, January 17, 2005


BlogExcerpts” is a site designed to share your favorite excerpts from blogs with others. There are several categories that you can submit your blog excerpts too. You add the excerpt, blog and URL with a few other options such as adding the permalink. The idea has comparable concepts to “Blurt it” or “BlogRank”. What happens is the excerpt and blog title are listed and when some one does a mouseover up pops the excerpt or site description in a tooltip box. Design is a little ruff but it seems to work well in both FireFox and IE, which compatibility and speed are more important to me. There are a few google ads but not much more in advertising. All the information you could want to know is available in the instructions, FAQ and about section of the site. The submitted excerpts go down below a list of promoted excerpts. I was going to rate this lower because of that until I read the FAQ. In the past to get from the submitted excerpt to the promoted excerpts, it was tallied by number with computer generated system. The owner of the site decided to make this selection a human selection and I like that. I give 8 stars. One thing I like about this idea is it is more then a blogroll and you can get more of an idea if your interested in the excerpt or blog to read some more.

8 stars

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