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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Daily Meme

The Daily Meme” if you’re looking for a meme then here is a place to look for some new ones. They list new memes every day with some information about each one and the link. So if you’re prepared to be distracted and diverted by the many mind bending contagions listed at this blog, then head on over. Some of the recent editions include: Brainstorm, Daily Haiku, Word Beads, The Weekly Bit, Poetry Party and RE: Blogs. You can also suggest meme blogs and sites to add to their listings. There is a new menu at the top of the page that makes it real easy to check out many of the categories by daily listings, monthly listings, photo and other categories. The blog is easy to read in a 3 column format, categorized navigation and fast loading. I give it 8.5 stars. If you enjoy meme blogs then you may have already stopped by this one before but for those that may not have; I hope you enjoy it.

8.5 stars

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