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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Intelliseek's BlogPulse” is a blog trend seeking, analysis tool, showcase and blog search engine all rapped up into one. The site has a useful set of tools with lots of practical and fun usability. If you are familiar with technorati there are some similarities between these two. You can go to the analysis section and see the top links of the day. In the showcase section you can find engaging information such as their 2004 review which contains information like top blogs, top blog posts, top websites and top media. If you want to find places that have links to your site, then you can go to the advanced section where you can search your URL and other pertinent information. The weeks focus was posted on the front page of the site, while I was cruising through, which was the “inauguration day for President George W. Bush”. Along with the mention of latest release of Jib Jab creation added to that post. It’s an additional tool and place to find out what is going on and popular around the blogospere. You can do some research or just have fun with this system. I give 8.5 stars. I found a lot more links for my blog URL at technorati then I did at BlogPulse. The site design is pleasant, fast loading and easy to use.

8.5 stars

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