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Friday, November 04, 2005

Rent My Blog

I’ve been looking at the current rage and upward trend in pricing of several blogs added to Rent My Blog. I find it a bit confusing to say the least.

A few thoughts on pricing and paying credits for blogs with Rent My Blog at BE.

I’m going to look at the past campaigns and take a look at how many unique hits and hits a blog has been sending. I’m going to look at the content of the blog. I’m not going to pay 300-500 credits for a blog that sent 1-5 unique hits in past campaigns. I’m going to use those credits right at blog explosion.

I’ve kept my pricing to what I consider a fair price. I think the idea is a great but I think the new craze has a few people dazzled on what to pay or charge. Good luck to all of you with your campaigns!

However, if someone is going to pay me 500 credits for a couple hits then maybe I should price it that way. However, I still like the old cliché an honest days work for an honest dollar or in this case credits.

What do you think of the current pricing on the blogs? How do you plan on using this feature? What are some of the benefits and downfalls you have thought of with this program?

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At 04 November, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 04 November, 2005, Blogger TWPAdmin said...

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At 07 November, 2005, Blogger Q. McFarlan said...

I think it's probably a great way to get more exposure, especially if you rent space on blogs that have similar content.

That said, I think your post is wise about checking the previous campaign stats before offering up hard-earned credits.

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