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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Pilfering from The Funniest Man On Earth
Attack of the Printing Press
[BlogCruiser Rant and Ramble] Donna Wentworth over at Corante points out a brilliantly written perspective by Kurt Opsahl over at EFF.

The blogger two heartbeats from the US President
Blogging top tips
[BlogCruiser Rant and Ramble] I look at this in terms of my photography days. Many photographers had a very difficult time accepting the digital change also many felt that film would always be the best for the field. What kind of camera do you use today?

How the Blogging Community Accelerated Tsunami Relief
To Blog or Not to Blog?
'Bloggers' Weigh In on Miers' Withdrawal
[BlogCruiser Rant and Ramble] I can’t help but wonder what this whole selection calamity and news extravaganza has done to this woman’s life?

Chinese women sex bloggers explore new territory, prompt censorship
Forgive me, Father, for I have blogged
[BlogCruiser Rant and Ramble] Sensationalized headlines are not really that new neither is this one. Blogging and social networks are great learning tools. If computers, internet and other technologies are not learned, understood and implemented with proper precautions they can also be extremely dangerous. How many schools are really up to speed with implementing good safe policies for students to follow and protect themselves while blogging? I don’t know about the school district you are in but the schools I’ve seen are not ready for student’s blogging and using social networks, unfortunately! How would you feel about your daughter being stalked because of blogging at school or your son’s identity stolen because of blogging at school? Scary things and do you think your school district is ready for dealing with them?

BLOGGING Baby Sleepover: Blog Roundup for Thursday, October 27
Seekport to search out local news and blogs
Study Suggests Most Texas Companies Will Use Blogs To Communicate; The Number One Question on the Minds of Executives: ``Why Should We?''
[BlogCruiser Rant and Ramble] I know there are serious amounts of money placed into studying and researching any business implementations. Some of these findings from studies are surprising. However, in my humble opinion, the bottom line is the grapevine is the most powerful advertisement there has ever been. Blogs and blogging can provide this interactive approach and platform.

The Blogs On Libby
Yahoo Cozies Up to Bloggers
The TheWeblogProject Continues on…
Sulu's gay, what do bloggers say?
The Weblogs, Inc. Network brings you its best of the best
Blog or Die
Dilbert & Dogbert
The New Media
New Blogs This Week
Blogging today
Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators White Paper Link Compilation
Will bloggers get to cover Libby trial?
Dilbert Has A Blog!!
To the UN, from Women Making a Difference
A Blog Shoots Itself, and Us, in the Foot

A few more fun, funny or just interesting ones that I found over at BlogsNow that I can't help but sharing:

A new look at Sesame Street
The Worst Jobs in Science
Knitted Digestive System
Just cool designed websites mostly flash based.
Moving up in the job world...
Think I posted the pumkin already
XP at its best
linux ya know
real bored
violent and different for stickmen
another different one but what can i say; I have way to much time on my hands!
llamas oh my
play some golf and getaway from the rest of this craziness.

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