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Thursday, November 03, 2005

BlogCruiser Ramble & Rant

The Depression of the Elites”, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds. This article had me pondering in many directions. Are some bloggers heading in the direction of an old design and creating a new elite rather then real change or improvement? Is this growth in new directions a place where we don’t create elites and the individual seizes more responsibility instead of having a fall person or hero?

Which train you’re on is one way of looking at as Glenn Harlan Reynolds stated. I figure it is what you have learned, believe, hope and dream for. These are powerful driving forces in many people’s lives that can be altered in bearing by the information obtained in life.

One of the differences I hope for with the old elite and the new age is more people taking responsibilities and actions with new communication and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis and the internet to name only a few. Can more information be learned and processed to create a better world? I think so! It may not if we just use it to form new elites with a different technology. The growth would be smaller then I hoped for in that case.

Creating large social networks and truly aggregated news outlets with multiple opinions, interaction, ideas, hopes and solutions can be spectacular. Changing for the sake of change and changing the old bosses would be no more then a switch of power, which is sometimes needed to battle corruption and other negative forces but not always leading to better living or progress. Is a simple movement of the powers what the masses want or is real change in the world what many are looking for?

Blogging and the new media have the potential of becoming what we want them to be. If we feel the elites corporate, political or media are no longer standing for what we consider as progressive, right or true then we can empower change via outlets such as the new media.

Blogs, bloggers, blogging and other technological tools can propel change rapidly well beyond what the printing press achieved. So is it a time for a new revolution? It already started decades ago and is here to stay in my opinion. The latest uprising is of the same old design as past upheavals; it just has resources and technology on it side that have never been so understood and available to the masses. This creates a surplus of prospects that should make for a very out of the ordinary and electrifying future to be part of!

A remark like this could be anger, frustration or one of another elitist, “At any rate, Noonan is surely right that our current elites are not up to the task of steering the country. They're too ignorant, too insulated, and too concerned with "getting theirs."

We all judge its human nature I do it all the time myself. However, don’t let anger, frustration or greed lead the way. Let’s hope that calculated ideas, innovative processes and strengthened values will be the directions that lead us progressively forward.

People have some serious amounts of learning, communicating and organizing to do! Time will tell for certain where the masses grow and go. What can be changed in the near future can be done at speeds that make me dizzy to think about. Are we ready? Can we actually improve things at speeds we have never seen before? Is society ready to handle the growth and speed of growth possibilities? Will things get better for everyone? I don’t know if I am ready but I’ve willing to try and see what comes of it all!

Will the current elite be able to assimilate the new media and just make it part of what was? Are the current elites actually already adaptable enough to change to the new demands and meet the current needs or desires of the new age? Will the new media if it did completely take over be any better then the old elites? Are there not already elites established in the new media?

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