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Monday, September 26, 2005

What the Blank? Slam the Blog...

The carnival of sludge from Drudge the one that became big enough to add full page add popup and popunders that we all enjoy so much. A blog that does little more then post links to news agencies and add a few links to articles at these agencies. Let’s not forget if you can’t read there are redundant readings of the report on radio for everyone to hear. Then if you are real tired of drudge you can head over to the drudge retort. Now we can have two blogs to add to the sensational and distorted material.

Now it’s time to roll over to the Wonkette and what else could we expect from a name like Wonkette then cheap wonky shots and wonked commentary. I mean didn’t they watch the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and realize that dolphins are intelligent enough to take out only the bad people.

A Walmart of blogs Weblogs Inc. to include only a couple of their many blogs here like engadget, Blogging Baby and The Digital Photography Weblog. Have we learned what monopolies like Walmart and Microsoft can do to the individual? Can some monopolies with much power crush the little guy and competition? Have they been known to exploit individuals, groups and even governments? What the heck a good socially networked consumer brainwashing can’t hurt anyone. Cleanliness is next to Godliness right? So a bit of social engineering should do everyone some good.

So you are not proud of being dooced and now a phrase is coined and everyone must read the soap opera dairy and weblog. Go visit now, especially, if you’re interested in poop.

Everyone knows there is the world of the poor and neglected techies that enjoy creating buzzwords that 99.9 percent of the world do not understand or want to understand. This helps them feel very important about themselves so help them out and give them your pity. If you don’t know any just head over to meet the many hecklers from the dazed lands of Slashdot.

Now for the king of rah, rah, boom, booms and lets call each other names, sling mud and act as blindly as possible because we are right! Well there are too many to list in this one post. So I will add a couple blogs with long lists of these partner in crime blogs: The world's top political and news blogs, 100 Of The Most Popular Political Websites On The Net - Right Wing News, The Best Politics Blogs - Forbes.com and 2004 Best Blogs - Politics & Elections Readers' Choice Awards.

There are the wonderful places to write diaries and opinions and become popular or hated. Then everyone can pat each other on the back or slap each other in the face publicly at place like the Daily Kos or the Salon.

Maybe we can run over to the boing boing reality show and play. What can I find that is absurd or can I create something even more absurd, awful, simple or obscene?

I’m obviously cranky this evening so all the above I give negative 5 stars.

-5 stars

Disclaimer: This post was just for fun and obviously there are a lot of good things at all of these popular blogs I mentioned that are out in the blogosphere. I’m just beat and wanted to throw some steam somewhere and this seemed like a good place to do it. If someone that owns one of the blogs that I picked on is really insulted from the commentary then live with it but please don’t sue me so you can get your blog in the news. I don’t have anything for you take anyway. I gave all my money to a penguin in the artic to burn so his family could stay warm.

Additional Note: outside the post subject: I know I’ve slowed down from my norm of posting and I will continue to try and return from this bloggers block. So please deal with my 21st schizoid mode here or not. I know I’m breaking all the good blogging rules: not posting consistently, switching content and confusing my readers but that doesn’t mean its right or wrong, it just is. Hmmm, maybe I will be more productive another day.

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